What is Deal4it.com, A Pawn Shopping Adventure!

What is Deal4it.com?

Deal4it.com is a new and exciting Pawn Shopping Adventure (TM). Our model is that all of our sellers are pre-qualified, professional pawn brokers with brick-and-mortar stores behind their business. This means our sellers have a real identity and are committed to customer satisfaction and quality service. Deal4it.com provides these respected local merchants a place to offer their inventory of unique and valuable merchandise through our innovative auction website for reasonable fees and a broader range of listing categories. Buyers and Sellers are separated on our site because they act differently and need different tools when conducting e-commerce. With the popularity of reality TV shows like Pawn Stars and Pawn Queens, we wanted to create an on-line pawn shop experience for our visitors we call “A Pawn Shopping Adventure.” Deal4it.com was conceived and created by a team with over 100 years of pawn broker operations experience. We offer features to enhance the buying experience that is similar to the services you offer your store’s walk-in customers… a “Request” feature that allow Deal4it buyers to ask you to keep your eyes open for that something they are looking to purchase and a real-time negotiation listing type that is guided by a video spokesperson. We have other ideas for Deal4it.com to continue to enhance both the buyer’s and seller’s experiences on our site. We want all of our members, buyers and sellers, to have the ultimate “Pawn Shopping Adventure” when visiting Deal4it.com!

How do I become a seller?

Deal4it.com wants to provide an effective, affordable and profitable alternative to other on-line ecommerce auction sites for the Pawn Broker. Our desire is to not have sellers that don’t have access to consistent, quality product that can be offered to the buyer community on Deal4it.com. With that said, every one of our sellers goes through a vetting process where we validate their business and selectively allow them into our seller community. If you are interested in becoming an approved seller on Deal4it.com, send us an email at sales@deal4it.com and we will send you a seller application package with all the information you need to decide if Deal4it.com is right for your pawn business.