Deal4It Press Release – February, 2012 has issued the following press release this month:

Online Pawn Shop with Live Auction Bidding, an online auction site selling thousands of products from qualified pawn shops around the country, lets shoppers deal real-time for best prices

Fort Collins, CO, March 1, 2012 – Deal4it Technologies, Inc., has launched an online pawn shop that combines live auction bidding with real-time dealing.  Billed as “A Pawn Shopping Adventure,” visitors to the website ( can register securely and explore all product offerings for free.  Customers can purchase listed items through auction bid, immediate purchase (fixed price) or make an offer with interactive, video pawn shop sales people. Buyers can also browse the classified ads and submit request forms for desired products.

 “Deal4it offers people a unique pawn shopping experience,” said Tim Lanham, CEO, Deal4it Technologies. “We give shoppers access to thousands of products listed by pawn shops located throughout the United States. Our pawn shop members are constantly listing new items, and shoppers have a blast exploring the site, making auction bids and negotiating instant deals with our one-of-a-kind virtual sales team.”

 According to Lanham, only pre-qualified, licensed pawn brokers can list products for sale on “That means they all have real addresses where they conduct daily business and are committed to customer satisfaction and quality service.” 

 Making a deal is part of the adventure. Lanham said, “Many of our listings let visitors make an offer and negotiate with an interactive, video-salesperson for a better deal. Buyers are told instantly if their offer is accepted, and if so, they can purchase their item immediately.  It’s the closest thing to standing in a real pawn shop.”, through its member pawn shops, offers a wide variety of new and used products including jewelry, watches, TVs, power tools, musical instruments, computers and firearms.  Many licensed pawnbrokers have already joined the family of professional pawnbrokers to expand their online presence and to increase their sales. 

 Deal4it Technologies, Inc., is a Colorado-based company that has been in the pawn industry for more than 30 years.  It has a solid reputation for customer care and stands behind everything it sells. For more information, please visit

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