Buying Used Makes Good Sense (and Cents, too)!

It’s amazing how many things that are part of our everyday lives that don’t get used much once purchased and then stored away and forgotten.’s network of professional pawn store sellers make it their business to find these valuable, everyday items and put them back into service for people who really want or need them.  Why buy used?  For one thing, new isn’t always better; sometimes we can get better quality merchandise second hand that we could never afford brand new. Sometimes, the item in question is one we don’t use that much, or won’t use for very long—why pay a premium for it?

Here is a list of things you should consider buying used instead of paying full retail price for new:

Furniture – It can cost thousands of dollars to buy decent quality new furniture for just one room, and tens of thousands for an entire house. But you can often buy used furniture for ten to twenty percent of what it costs brand new which is also a way to get better quality furniture that you can’t afford to buy brand new.

Toys – Kids grow out of the toy stage quickly and often get bored with new toys quickly, sometimes only after playing with it a few times or a few hours.  Check out used toys and games that cost a fraction of the cost of buying new and put the money you save into their college fund.  You’ll be glad you did!

Clothing and Accessories – A lot of nice clothing and fashion accessories get sold because it no longer fits or people get bored with the style.  You can find great quality clothing at a fraction of the cost just because people want to make room in their closets and drawers.  This is true of accessories like jewelry, watches, scarves and hats as well.  Buy used and dress for success for less!

Tools – A good quality tool can last for many years, whether you pay $5 used or $50 new. Unless you use tools in your occupation, there’s no need to have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth sitting your garage or basement that are only used a few times each year.  Pay less for used tools and put the difference away in savings for the down payment on that mansion or luxury care you’ve been dreaming about.

Books – Most books are read once then shelved.  Why pay for a new book when you can purchase a used one and still get all the entertainment or informational value.  I’ve never seen a used book with the print worn off just because someone read it before I did.

Secondary Appliances – Need a second freezer or refrigerator for the extra food storage in the basement?  How about a microwave for your kid’s dorm room?    How about a small TV for the guest bedroom?  Why pay new prices for appliances that don’t get used much or need to fit your home decor.  Look for quality, functional used appliances to fit the bill and save a bundle in the process.

DVDs – Most people watch a DVD a few times and then it is stored in a cabinet or drawer.  When you look at someone’s DVD collection gathering dust and think about all the money sitting there, unused and how it would look in your bank account.  You could probably take a decent vacation somewhere fun for that.  Cheaper, used DVDs are the only sane way to buy a movie that you’ll probably only watch a few times in your life and when you’re done; you can sell it to the next person and take that vacation anyway.

Video Games – This is pretty much the same discussion as toys, books and DVDs.  You get a game, you master the game, you get bored with the game and it sits on a shelf collecting dust.  Don’t pay new prices when you can buy used for a fraction of the cost.  Besides, you probably know someone who stands in lines at midnight for the latest game release anyway so just buy a pizza and get yourself invited over to play the latest.  Buy your games used, save a wad of cash and retire early.

Guns – A lot of guns get purchased and used a few times and then sit in a safe,a case or a holster for years.  While you want to make sure that it hasn’t been abused and is safe and fully functional, buying used guns from a trusted source makes perfect sense over paying retail prices for new.  Quality, used firearms shoot just as straight as new and think of all the great hunting or shooting gear you can afford with your savings.  You’ll probably find a lot of that on at great prices too.

Like everything in life, you want to be an informed shopper when making any purchase buy knowing what is a good value and what is not.  Do your homework when shopping used and look for quality products from quality vendors.  The great thing about shopping on is you are dealing with a network of professional pawn shops with brick-and-mortar stores who want your business.  That means they want to make sure they are offering quality products and services that will satisfy you in every way.  After all, and our quality sellers want you to make the first place you look online for the quality new and used you need!

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