Why did we create Deal4It.com?

Why did we launch Deal4It.com?  We’ve been asked this question several times over the past few months as we’ve brought our “Pawn Shopping Adventure” to the internet.  There is no single answer, but we felt the time was right for a new place for shoppers to find good deals and for professional pawnbrokers to offer their new and used products in an exclusive online auction site.

For pawnbrokers, eBay was the go-to place to sell inventory beyond their brick-and-mortar stores.  Unfortunately, eBay has moved rapidly away from their original model of selling used items as they have attempted to become another Amazon with their “buy it new, buy it now” slogan.  They have become less about small sellers offering a diverse and unique inventory to their shoppers and have focused on large sellers of new inventory.  Their new rules have been a discouragement, and even hostile, towards those types of sellers that have inventory like pawn shops.

In 2011, we attended the National Pawnbrokers Association convention and Tim Lanham, of Mister Money USA, moderated a forum on the topic of online sales.  Many pawnbrokers attended that forum and agreed with the concept of a new marketplace for online pawn sales for pawnbrokers and the people who love to shop there.  There needed to be a new alternative that was like the eBay of old… a place where the professional pawnbroker can list their items for sale at great prices and offer it to a buying public all over the country.  The idea for Deal4It.com was born and we continue to see it grow and mature since its launch a few months ago.  We have a long way to go to catch up to eBay and Amazon, but we’re determined to see it succeed.

Another reason for Deal4It.com and what makes it different than other on-line shopping sites is our unique “Make Offer” listing type.  What makes shopping in a pawn shop so much fun?  It’s the adventure of never knowing what treasure you might find there and the opportunity to haggle over the price.  So we took a technology we developed and designed it into a new listing type on Deal4It.com.  Along with the traditional auctions, fixed-price and classified listings, Deal4It.com has Make Offer listings that use a video character to haggle with you to get a great price on what you are looking for.  Our members are having so much fun with this listing type that almost 75% of the sales on our site are these negotiation listings.

Finally, we wanted a market place that looked like a pawn shop in the mix of products made available.  Deal4It.com is a “must-shop” site where you can find almost anything you might want including electronics, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, video games, musical instruments, DVDs and movies, and firearms and so much more.  If you can find it in a pawn shop, you’ll probably find it on Deal4It.com.  From the ordinary to the unique one-of-a-kind item, it’s probably listed or has been sold on Deal4It.com.

Deal4It.com came into being because we thought there needed to be a place on the internet where pawnbrokers and pawn shoppers could come together for that experience that is unique only to the pawn shop.  So far, it’s evident that both our sellers and buyers agree; Deal4It.com is A Pawn Shopping Adventure that everyone can enjoy.