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The Art of Getting a Better Deal – Negotiation!

In this day and age, everyone’s looking for a better deal.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the stuff you use every day or the bigger purchases you make a few times in your life.  We have grown accustomed to paying what the seller is asking for most of the things we purchase and rarely think that we might be able to get a better price if we would only ask.  It might seem a little uncomfortable at first, but with a little practice, you’ll find yourself asking; “do you think you might do a little better on that?”  Here are some simple tips on negotiating yourself to a better deal…

  1. Before you go shopping, do your research.  Use the Internet to read reviews about competing brands and have an idea of how much you should expect to pay, even for used items.  Look up retailers who might have what you’re looking for on sale.  Pawn shops are great places to browse and comparison shop as well as strike a great deal.  Some retailers even offer a price matching or beating policy if you come prepared to prove it.  I was once shopping for a new hard drive for a broken laptop computer and when I mentioned that I could get the a much better price online for the same make and model they carried in the store, the sales person offered to match it on-the-spot.  Be ready to prove your claim by bringing the competitor’s sales flier or print the page off the internet.  An informed consumer is an empowered consumer to do your research before you head out the door to shop.
  2. Always be polite and friendly!  The old saying, “you get more flies with sugar than with vinegar” couldn’t be truer if you’re looking to knock a few dollars off the price of your purchase.  Be friendly, polite and respectful; the sales staff at the store aren’t your enemy and you’ll be surprised how much better they’ll respond if you ask their opinion on different brands or models, get their recommendation on what they and customers have liked and what they’ve seen returned to the store.  When it comes time to talk about price, just ask if is there is anything they can do about a better price?  Often they will tell you about a sale that doesn’t start for a few of days, offer to throw in accessories for free that you would have had to purchase anyway, or they just might drop the price 5% or 10%.  If they say they can’t make that decision, ask if they think their manager might be willing.  The key is to be courteous and respectful and never to act “entitled” to a discount. 
  3. Be ready to give a little to get a little.  Many times, asking for a discount for paying cash can get you a better deal.  Retailers have to pay fees every time a customer wants to swipe their credit card.  You give up incentives from your credit card company, but if you’re putting cash money in your pocket right now, you’ll be further ahead.  If you willing to take the floor demo, an opened or damaged package, or some other display defect they often will offer a discount.  I once asked the desk clerk at a hotel if they could do better than the rate I had already reserved online.  They offered a room that hadn’t been fully remodeled and they knocked another $15 per night off the price.  I received a 10% off a horseshoes game package at Wal-Mart once because the carry bag they came in was torn.  I wasn’t planning on carrying them around anyway, so everybody wins.  Life is a series of compromises and being ready to do that when shopping just might save you some money.
  4. Consider buying in bulk.  Warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s do this every day, but you might be surprised what you can get at other retailers.  I’ve saved 20% at the local liquor store more than once by asking if they will give me a better price on a case of my favorite wine instead of just one bottle.  If the kids need new shoes, ask your friends or neighbors if they do to.  You might be surprised how a store will respond if you request a discount for purchasing several pairs on the same visit.  At pawn shops, you can often gain additional negotiating power by purchasing multiple items at the same time.  Plan ahead and buy more than one and they might offer you some additional discounts.

Negotiating a better deal can be fun and save you money and these tips can work for you at a lot of establishments including restaurants and other retailers. offers online auctions where you have access to a wide network of professional pawn brokers who love to negotiate on price for all kinds of items. even has a fully automated, video-guided negotiation tool that will let you negotiate a better price on many items listed on our site.  If you would like to give it a try, Click Here to see what’s available for negotiation.  Have no fear and have fun. features, Virtual Pawn Shop with Interactive Bidding

Julia Wilkinson of published the following feature review of

Deal4It Launches Virtual Pawn Shop with Interactive Bidding
By Julia Wilkinson
March 05, 2012, an online pawn shop that combines live auction bidding with real-time dealing, launched March 1, opening up a new “Pawn Shopping Adventure” for Internet bargain hunters. Buyers and browsers have access to thousands of products listed on the site by pawn shops located throughout the United States. Technologies CEO Tim Lanham said the site currently has about 30 pawnbrokers and is still in beta. “We have not opened up to all pawnbrokers to sign up yet,” he said, adding that there are about 10,000 pawnbrokers in America right now. Only pre-qualified, licensed pawn brokers with real addresses can list products on”

Buyers can browse a wide variety of new and used products from the member pawn shops on, including jewelry, watches, TVs, power tools, musical instruments, computers, and firearms. The site is free to use for buyers, said Lanham, and as it is still in beta, “there are currently no fees for the pawnbrokers either.” In the future the pawnbrokers will have fees, “but much less than eBay or Amazon,” he added.

Lanham said the launch was going well so far, from no traffic to between 700 and 900 visitors a day, and “most important, we are selling items.”

Customers can purchase listed items through auction bid, immediate purchase (fixed price) or make an offer with interactive, video pawn shop sales people.

“Many of our listings let visitors make an offer and negotiate with an interactive, video-salesperson for a better deal,” Lanham said. “Buyers are told instantly if their offer is accepted, and if so, they can purchase their item immediately. It’s the closest thing to standing in a real pawn shop.” Buyers can also browse the pawn brokers’ classified ads and submit request forms for desired products.

Only pawnbrokers are able to sell on the site, said Lanham, and there are no future plans to open up the marketplace to everyone. However, the site may attract pawnbrokers from eBay who are unhappy with the recent changes on that site. “Each and every day eBay makes it harder for the non-corporate seller to sell on eBay,” Lanham said.

The company, based in Colorado, has been in the pawn industry for more than 30 years. “We were the first U.S. company to enter the Mexican pawnshop market,” said Lanham.

About the Author
Julia Wilkinson is the author of “The eBay Price Guide” (No Starch Press, 2006) and “eBay Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks” (Wiley, 2004-6). Her free “Yard Salers” newsletter is at available at where you will also find her latest ebook, Flip It Again.

What do American Idol and Pawn Shopping have in common… the Amazing Phillip Phillips!


Phillip Phillips 'American Idol' finalist
Phillip Phillips ‘American Idol’ finalist – Credits: Facebook

Phillip Phillips, the latest American Idol sensation, grew up working in his family’s pawn shop in Albany, Georgia while he honed his skills as a singer/songwriter, guitar player, pianist, drummer and entertainer.

Phillip is no stranger to the stage and his performing has cultivated a large fan base growing up in southern Georgia.  With his uniquely soulful Rhythm and Blues vocals and innovative covers, we’re sure he’s going to succeed in the coming weeks of American Idol competition.

What we like best about Phillip is his tie to the pawn broker industry.  As an employee in a pawn shop, we can’t help believing that this has helped him develop and hone his love for music and innovative approach to his own sound.  He would have had unlimited access to quality instruments and time to explore the unique sounds each one is capable of.  We’re even wondering if his faithful Taylor Guitar he’s performed with on American Idol might have been a “pawn shop treasure” in the recent past.  Either way, it couldn’t have hurt his development as a musican and performter to have worked with so many interesting people every day at the pawn shop.

Phillip Phillips and his 'Taylor' Guitar
Phillip Phillips and his ‘Taylor’ Guitar

I know I’d trust his advice and recommendations in picking out a quality used guitar after hearing him play for the ‘Idol’ judges and the fans.

Phillip gives credit to his family for encouraging his love for music and performing.  His uncle is a talented guitarist, his mother an accomplished pianist and his dad and sisters all have great singing voices.  We can only imagine what their family get-togethers might sound like!  He appreciates a wide range of musical genres, but credits greats like Dave Matthews, Tool, Mumford & Sons and Jonny Lang, among others, who have influenced his development and styling as a singer and musician.  What is evident is that Phillip is a gifted performer who has his very own style and musical vision.

His objective this season on American Idol is to just be himself and have fun and see where it goes.  If we were the judges, we’re guessing that this very talented, one time, pawn shop employee is heading towards a very successful career in music and we’re looking forward to following along with every performance to come.

Good luck Phillip Phillips and thank you for for the great representation of the pawn industry.  We’re all pulling for you!

Deal4It Press Release – February, 2012 has issued the following press release this month:

Online Pawn Shop with Live Auction Bidding, an online auction site selling thousands of products from qualified pawn shops around the country, lets shoppers deal real-time for best prices

Fort Collins, CO, March 1, 2012 – Deal4it Technologies, Inc., has launched an online pawn shop that combines live auction bidding with real-time dealing.  Billed as “A Pawn Shopping Adventure,” visitors to the website ( can register securely and explore all product offerings for free.  Customers can purchase listed items through auction bid, immediate purchase (fixed price) or make an offer with interactive, video pawn shop sales people. Buyers can also browse the classified ads and submit request forms for desired products.

 “Deal4it offers people a unique pawn shopping experience,” said Tim Lanham, CEO, Deal4it Technologies. “We give shoppers access to thousands of products listed by pawn shops located throughout the United States. Our pawn shop members are constantly listing new items, and shoppers have a blast exploring the site, making auction bids and negotiating instant deals with our one-of-a-kind virtual sales team.”

 According to Lanham, only pre-qualified, licensed pawn brokers can list products for sale on “That means they all have real addresses where they conduct daily business and are committed to customer satisfaction and quality service.” 

 Making a deal is part of the adventure. Lanham said, “Many of our listings let visitors make an offer and negotiate with an interactive, video-salesperson for a better deal. Buyers are told instantly if their offer is accepted, and if so, they can purchase their item immediately.  It’s the closest thing to standing in a real pawn shop.”, through its member pawn shops, offers a wide variety of new and used products including jewelry, watches, TVs, power tools, musical instruments, computers and firearms.  Many licensed pawnbrokers have already joined the family of professional pawnbrokers to expand their online presence and to increase their sales. 

 Deal4it Technologies, Inc., is a Colorado-based company that has been in the pawn industry for more than 30 years.  It has a solid reputation for customer care and stands behind everything it sells. For more information, please visit