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Along with our community of Pawn Shop sellers, is now welcoming Thrift Shops all across the county to come sell on the newest on-line marketing site.

Buyers will now have more options than ever for quality new and used items at fantastic prices.  We’re sure you’ll find more of what your looking for on!


November 6th, 2012 – If you haven’t already voted early, get out to the polls today and cast your vote!  It is your American RIGHT, your American PRIVLIDGE and your American RESPONSIBILITY!

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to find great deals on when you are finished at the polls.

FALSE – The Monday after Thanksgiving, “Cyber Monday”, is NOT the busiest e-shopping day of the year!

Just like the day after Thanksgiving, called “Black Friday”,  is supposedly the busiest shopping day at “brick-and-mortar” stores across the country, “Cyber Monday” has gained the reputation as the busiest on-line shopping day of the year.  Well, according to retailers and much to our surprise, both of these traditions turn out to be false!

Major retailers agree that “Black Friday” might be one of the busiest days of traffic at their brick-and-mortar stores and malls all over the country, but the one day that has topped all others for sales is the Saturday prior to Christmas Day.  The fact is we haven’t changed much over the centuries and we still procrastinate getting that perfect Christmas gift to the last minute.

What is all the hype about “Cyber Monday” being the busiest e-shopping day of the year?  Well, that turns out to be false as well.  We didn’t even have a “Cyber Monday” a few years ago and it turns out to be just a promotional campaign to help boost on-line retailers and on-line shopping.  So what is the busiest e-shopping day each year?  Well, there really isn’t any one day where e-shopping peaks, but there is trend that is appearing that sees a significant boost in on-line sales during the two weeks prior to Christmas Day.  Makes sense, given our tendencies toward procrastination; we just pad our frantic last-minute on-line shopping with a few days for shipping.

One other interesting fact is the trend of increasing visits to on-line retailers on Thanksgiving day, itself.  One can probably imagine that shoppers are using the internet to plan out their “Black Friday” strategies to grab the best deals at their local retailers.

So what’s the lesson here?  Simply, every day is a great day to get a good deal on  You don’t have to wait around to find that perfect Christmas gift for your special someone’s.  Our online auctions and sales for great new and used items can’t be beat.  And don’t worry if you’re late… The professional pawn brokers and pawnshops on are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your shopping pleasure!  Thanks for stopping by and good shopping this holiday season! signs agreement with M&M Merchandisers is pleased to announce a new agreement with M&M Merchandisers that will allow us to offer thousands of brand new products at very competitive prices on our site.   We have now listed thousands of new items in consumer electronics, sporting goods, automotive audio and musical instruments and accessories.  We are offering all of these items with FREE SHIPPING in time for holiday shopping.  Take a look at all the new items on along with the used items listed by our professional pawn brokers. Launches New Classifieds site ~ has launched a new classified website that is absolutely free to post your items for sale on. added a benefit for our sellers where every item that is listed for sale on is also uploaded as a free listing on  Now you have even more exposure for the items you are listing on Deal4It as they reach a whole new audience on

Anyone can list items for sale absolutely free on and the search that can be honed by state makes it easier for buyers to find your items for sale. even has a subscription service where you can define an ad and have it freshly posted 2-times each day so your message is always top-listed for your customers to see. sellers, come check out your free, automatic posting up on  If you want, post additional listings on anytime you desire.  It’s easy and completely free. Welcomes Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun in Longmont, Colorado would like to extend a warm welcome to one of our newest sellers on our Pawn Shopping Adventure auction site.

Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun was founded in 1994 and is owned by Rod Brandenburg; theirs is a family run business. Rod is a Colorado native, married, with two teenage daughters. He thoroughly enjoys big game and bird hunting, as well as stream fishing. His most enjoyable hunts include Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, and North American Big Game.

Rod’s interests are in firearms, coin collecting, antiques, and photography. He has owned several businesses in the past including several pizza stores, and service stations/car wash in Colorado. He takes special pride in teaching seminars for the local schools on Civil War artifacts, jewelry, and coin collecting.

Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun is located at 312 Main Street in Longmont, Colorado and is like visiting a natural history museum with the variety of big game mounts on display in their store.  It is well worth a visit just to look around, talk about your favorite guns or to shop through their extensive inventory of items ranging from electronics, tools, jewelry, firearms, musical instruments and so much more.

Grandpa’s staff pride themselves for the quality of their service and products as well as their honest, straight-forward dealing with customers.  We are proud that they have chosen to offer their products on and we hope you’ll take a look at their listings today.  (Click Here to View Their Listings)

Thank you to Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun and to Rod and his family for choosing!

Phillip Phillips wins ‘American Idol’

credit - Anthony Ocasio

We don’t think Phillip Phillips will be heading back to work at the pawn shop anytime soon now that he’s won the 11th season of ‘American Idol’ and the million-dollar recording contract that goes with it.  Honestly, couldn’t be happier for him!

In an emotional moment, after being crowned this season’s winner while singing “Home”, Phillip Phillips left the stage to hug and thank his parents.  It really wasn’t a great surprise to see Phillip win.  He was consistently one of the top vote-getter’s throughout the competition and everyone of his performances distinguished him as a unique personality and a stellar musician who connected with his audience every time he sang.  He is truly gifted and brought his own sound to every song performed throughout the season.

Phillip faced many setbacks though the season, especially battling health problems as the competition progressed.  Through it all, he showed that singing and performing was something he was committed to, no matter what obstacles he needed to overcome.  Even Jessica Sanchez, this season’s runner-up, had to admit that “…Phillip really deserved to win. I’m so happy for him. He’s worked harder than any of us.”

We know that Phillip Phillips probably won’t ever need to fall back on his experience as a pawn shop associate in the future, but we certainly believe that the pawn industry provided him the opportunity to hone his craft and shape this future.  Phillip is a true star with a bright future and wishes to extend him our best wishes for success.  We’ll be listening! Has A Brand New Look!

Pawn Shop Adventure ThemeSince is a “Pawn Shopping Adventure” we decided that we needed a new look to match.  Our Adventure theme features new characters that illustrate Deal4It’s unique new kind of shopping experience.  When you want a really good deal, Deal4It is the place to go to find great prices on new and used items from trusted pawn shops.  Our exclusive video-guided make offer listings allow you to name your own price on the things you want and need.  Check out these listings and start negotiating great deals right away.  Don’t be afraid to try it out and see what kind of deal you can get.  You aren’t committed to purchase until you click on the “Accept Offer” button so you are free to make offers to see how low you can go.  We also have standard auction listings and buy-it-now listings on the site. is a different kind of online auction, so come check out our new look and, while you’re there, check out all the great deals too! Welcomes Pistole Gun & Pawn would like to welcome Pistole Gun & Pawn from Clinton, Arkansas.  Pistole Gun & Pawn specializes in quality new and used firearms and has the experts to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Check out their directory page and view the items that they are adding to daily.  They are your hometown pawn shop with down-home sales and service!  If you’re in the area, drop on by and browse and visit with Danny and the crew.  Otherwise, check out their listings on for great deals on the things you are looking for.

Why did we create

Why did we launch  We’ve been asked this question several times over the past few months as we’ve brought our “Pawn Shopping Adventure” to the internet.  There is no single answer, but we felt the time was right for a new place for shoppers to find good deals and for professional pawnbrokers to offer their new and used products in an exclusive online auction site.

For pawnbrokers, eBay was the go-to place to sell inventory beyond their brick-and-mortar stores.  Unfortunately, eBay has moved rapidly away from their original model of selling used items as they have attempted to become another Amazon with their “buy it new, buy it now” slogan.  They have become less about small sellers offering a diverse and unique inventory to their shoppers and have focused on large sellers of new inventory.  Their new rules have been a discouragement, and even hostile, towards those types of sellers that have inventory like pawn shops.

In 2011, we attended the National Pawnbrokers Association convention and Tim Lanham, of Mister Money USA, moderated a forum on the topic of online sales.  Many pawnbrokers attended that forum and agreed with the concept of a new marketplace for online pawn sales for pawnbrokers and the people who love to shop there.  There needed to be a new alternative that was like the eBay of old… a place where the professional pawnbroker can list their items for sale at great prices and offer it to a buying public all over the country.  The idea for was born and we continue to see it grow and mature since its launch a few months ago.  We have a long way to go to catch up to eBay and Amazon, but we’re determined to see it succeed.

Another reason for and what makes it different than other on-line shopping sites is our unique “Make Offer” listing type.  What makes shopping in a pawn shop so much fun?  It’s the adventure of never knowing what treasure you might find there and the opportunity to haggle over the price.  So we took a technology we developed and designed it into a new listing type on  Along with the traditional auctions, fixed-price and classified listings, has Make Offer listings that use a video character to haggle with you to get a great price on what you are looking for.  Our members are having so much fun with this listing type that almost 75% of the sales on our site are these negotiation listings.

Finally, we wanted a market place that looked like a pawn shop in the mix of products made available. is a “must-shop” site where you can find almost anything you might want including electronics, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, video games, musical instruments, DVDs and movies, and firearms and so much more.  If you can find it in a pawn shop, you’ll probably find it on  From the ordinary to the unique one-of-a-kind item, it’s probably listed or has been sold on came into being because we thought there needed to be a place on the internet where pawnbrokers and pawn shoppers could come together for that experience that is unique only to the pawn shop.  So far, it’s evident that both our sellers and buyers agree; is A Pawn Shopping Adventure that everyone can enjoy.