Help Auctions, Negotiation Bidding and Buying Overview:

Deal4it Auctions offers 4 listing types that sellers can choose from to list their items; Classified Listings, Buy-It-Now Listings, Standard Auction Listings and our Automated Video-Guided Negotiation Listing.  We'll take a few minutes to explain our site and each of these listing types for the benefit of buyers and sellers.  If this doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to send your questions to

Deal4it Auctions fully qualifies every seller on this site to assure that they are legitimate businesses with physical locations and that they are concerned with their long-term reputation with customers.  However, with any listing style we highly recommend that you review all of the listing information and read the complete description to make sure you understand what you are bidding on or buying.  As with any auctions site, you are entering into an agreement directly between buyer and seller and Deal4it Auctions is not responsible for the content of the listings or any of the commercial requirements to complete the transactions.  If you are unsure that what you are looking at or would like additional information about any items listed for sale on this site, we strongly recommend that you contact the seller through the Contact Seller button on the listing page before placing a bid or making a purchase.  If you have any issues concerning your transaction, first make every effort to work out the problem with the seller or buyer.  If you can't resolve the issue directly with the seller, please contact us at and we will do everything in our power to assist in a resolution per our Deal4it Terms and Condition.

Classified Listings:

This is the simplest form of listing an item and it is similar to placing a classified ad in your local paper or on a classified web site.  The seller has simple offered an item for sale and any terms of sale they desire and placed the ad on Deal4it Auctions.  There is no provision on the site to purchase or pay for the item and all terms and conditions of the transaction must be reached between the buyer and seller.  You must contact the seller directly to inquire as to the availability of the item, the terms of sale and how the item can be received.

Fixed-Price Listings:

This is also a very simple form of listing where the seller states the price they are asking for the item.  If you choose to purchase the time, you select the Buy Now link on the listing, at which time you have committed to the purchase of that item.  Deal4it Auctions will then guide you through the payment process using PayPal or similar services offered on our site and by the seller.  Again, we strongly recommend that you clarify any questions you might have about the item before committing to buy it by contacting the seller directly.  Make sure you review and agree to the terms of delivery and cost defined by the seller as any shipping charges defined in the listing will be added to your payment.  Once you have selected the Buy Now option and have confirmed your desire to purchase the item, you have entered into a binding agreement between buyer and seller to complete the transaction.  If you have any issues when purchasing an item, work directly with the approved seller as they have all committed to the highest customer satisfaction standards and are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Auction Style Listing:

Incremental bidding

Everyone wants to win, but only at the right price. Although we suggest that you bid the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for an item, you could pay less. As the auction proceeds, we compare your bid to those of other bidders. When you're outbid, we automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid you have entered. We increase your bid by increments only as much as necessary to maintain your position as highest bidder.  If the auction contains a hidden reserve price, defined by the seller, the full amount of your bid will be applied to the bid until the reserve price is met.  At that point your maximum bid will only increment the amount necessary to maintain your position as highest bidder.

Here's how to bid on an item:

  1. Carefully review the listing.
  2. Click the Place Bid button. You need to have an account and be signed in.
  3. Enter your maximum bid, and then click the Continue button.
  4. Review your bid, and then click the Confirm Bid button.

When the listing ends, you'll receive an email indicating whether you've won the item and an explanation of what to do next.  You can also log into at any time and follow the progress of the auctions.  Keep and eye on your auctions as you don't want that item to get away!   To view the items you have won or not won, log in and click the My Account link and review your Bidding activity at anytime from anywhere.

The Fine Print

  • Bidding is meant to be fun, but remember that each bid you place enters you into a binding contract. All bids are active until the listing ends. If you win an item, you're obligated to complete the transaction and purchase it.  
  • Don't bid on identical items in different listings if you only want one item. If you win both, you'll be obligated to buy both.
  • If you're outbid on an item, log in and increase your bid amount to assure you win the item.  If you are outbid at the end of the auction, wait until the listing has ended before placing a bid on an equivalent item. If the bidder who won doesn't complete the transaction for any reason, you could become the winning bidder.
  • Keep an eye on the auctions you are bidding on.  You don't want that item to get away from you!
  • When you have had a successful experience on when making a purchase, make sure to leave feedback for the seller.  Log onto, go to the "My Account" link and click on your "Won" listings.  From there you can choose the "Leave Feedback" button to tell everyone about your great experience.
  • If you have any problems with your transaction on, do everything you can to resolve the issue directly with the seller.  Every seller on is a professional pawn broker and is committed to customer service and your satisfaction.  If you can't resolve the issue, please send an email to with the item Title, Item ID# and the nature of the dispute.  We will do everything in our power to help resolve that issue per our site's Terms and Conditions.  It is everyone's goal to provide a satisfying shopping experience on for both buyers and sellers.

Automated Video-Guided Negotiation Listing:

Automated Video-Guided Negotiation Listings are unique to Deal4it Auctions.  Sometimes, you just don't have time to wait for an auction to end to find out if you've won the item and other times you wonder if the seller of a fixed priced item would be willing to take less than what they are asking.  Our patent-pending Automated Video Negotiation (AVN) is your kind of listing allowing you to make an offer to the seller and see their response immediately on your computer screen.  Our virtual video sales person guides you through every step of the process... As always, read the entire listing and description to make sure you want the item.  Ask the seller any questions you have before making your first offer.  When you are ready to negotiate a better price, just follow the virtual sales person's instructions by making an offer, and seeing what the response is.  If you like the counter offer, then select purchase option anytime along the way, otherwise, make another offer until you and the seller come to an agreeable price for the item.  It all happens instantly, right on your computer, and it's easy and fun to buy when you feel like you've negotiated a grad deal!  Once you've reviewed the final negotiated price, you can choose to purchase the item at that price, but remember, just like choosing the buy-now or winning an auction, you are committing to purchase the item and have entered into a binding agreement with the seller to complete the transaction.

Buying Firearms on is a unique on-line buying experience that offers a wide variety of products typically found in professional pawn shops, including rifles, shotguns and handguns.  Our licensed sellers can list their gun inventories on our site using any of the four listing types, negotiation best offer, auction, buy-it-now, or classified formats.  To make any purchase on, including firearms, you must Register with us to place a bid. Registration is free, safe and private and we never share your information with any third party (see the Deal4it Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy for details).  If you bid on a firearm and win it, you and the seller contact each other directly and make arrangements for payment and deliver of the item you won.  Deal4it only manages the sale process and communications between the buyer and seller. is not the seller of any item on our site and all transactions are a contract strictly between our registered sellers and buyers.  The biggest difference in purchasing firearms versus other items on is how to pay for your purchase and how you receive your purchase.  These issues will be covered in detail, below.

Can I purchase a Firearm on

Anyone who is “legally allowed” to purchase firearms can purchase them on  You must be an adult who is able to enter into a legally binding contact.  Anyone desiring to purchase a firearm must be able to pass a background check (Click here for the ATF web site for more information). There are age limits on the sale of certain items. And certain types of items are illegal in certain places - for example 'assault weapons' cannot be sold in California and certain types of ammunition are illegal in certain states and cities. The NRA also has put together a terrific NRA guide to state-by-state gun laws. The ATF has compiled information on the various state laws; click here to view the ATF state-by-state gun laws information. Again, it is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with the laws of your country, city, and state. We do not tolerate attempted illegal activity here!

You do not have to be a licensed dealer to buy a firearm. If you are not a licensed dealer (also called an FFL Holder), you must make arrangements with an FFL holder in your state to receive the item and transfer it to you.  The FFL holder will typically charge a nominal fee for providing this service. In addition to the fees listed, the FFL holder may be required by law to collect sales tax, background check fees, or other transfer-related fees.

(Note to C&R holders: if you are a C&R holder you already know the Byzantine C&R rules so we will not repeat them here). Virtually anyone who is involved in the sale or distribution of firearms is an FFL holder, including gun shops.


How do I receive a firearm, ammunition or accessories purchased through

You must make arrangements with your FFL holder before placing a bid on an item. By contacting the FFL holder before bidding, the buyer can verify that all state and federal laws will be observed. For most firearms, the buyer must be able to pass a background check.

If you need to find an FFL holder in your area where your gun can be shipped check the seller Directory to see if there is one in your area that will manage the legal transfer for you as the majority our sellers have agreed to work with buyers and other sellers for this purpose.  If you can’t find a local Deal4it seller, Click Here to find an alternative FFL holder in your area.  Arrange with one that is willing manage the legal transfer of firearms to unlicensed persons.  There may be additional fees for managing the transfer and the payment of these fees to your local FFL holder are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  When you have completed all of the arrangements for your purchase, the seller will ship the firearm to your designated FFL holder where you can go to complete the necessary background check, pay the management fees and pick up your purchase.

Non-firearm items, such as air guns, knives, ammunition, antique guns that were built in 1898 or earlier, accessories, and some gun parts do not require transfer by a licensed dealer. There are age restrictions on many of these items, and you will be asked to verify your age to the seller (typically by mailing a Xerox copy of your driver's license) before you can purchase the item. In general, you must be 18 years old to buy firearms and accessories on this site. To buy Pistol ammunition, you must be at least 21 years old; at least 18 years old for Rifle ammunition.

If you have any questions or doubts about whether an item can be shipped to you, please contact your local FFL Holder and send a message to the seller of the item by clicking on the “Contact Seller” button located in the item listing to make sure what you are purchasing can be legally acquired and owned by you in your area.

The bottom line, you are entering into a legally binding agreement between you and the seller when you win a listing on  Please read the full description of the items you are interested and ask any questions you might have by clicking the “Contact Seller” button on the item detail page before bidding on any item.  It is you and the seller’s responsibility to understand any and all national, state and local laws concerning the selling of, purchase of, and possession of firearms, ammunition and accessories.

Is it safe to purchase firearms on

Fraud is very rare on because all of our sellers are approved, professional pawn brokers who are committed to customer service and satisfaction.  If any dispute arises concerning the purchase of a firearm or any other item listed on, we encourage our buyers and sellers to do everything they can to resolve the issues with each other.  If the dispute can’t be reasonably resolved in that manner, please submit your complaint to and we will intercede to assist in resolving the issue in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

How do I find Firearms on

You can locate firearms and related accessories by selecting “Firearms” from our Category list in the left-hand Categories filter.  You can then continue sorting through the sub-categories to locate items of interest.  Another option is to use the Keyword Search and the Advanced Search link on the menu bar at the top of the page to look for specific descriptions of items you are interested in purchasing.  If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, try using the Deal4it Request link in the top menu to ask our professional pawn broker community if they might have what you are looking for.

I won a Firearm listing on Deal4it, now what do I do?

If you win an auction, we send you an email at the end of the auction that contains the seller's user name and email address along with your winning bid amount. If you think you won an auction and did not get your notification, check the Bidding/Won section of My Account. If you have won an auction and did not get your notification, please request help by first contacting the Seller to confirm that you were the winning bidder/buyer.

From the time the auction closes you have a maximum of five (5) days to contact the seller at the email address located in the notification we sent you. The seller must contact you as well within the same five days.  If you have any issues with a transaction, contact the Seller directly and work with them to resolve the issue.  If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can send us an email at with the information about the listing (Title, Deal4it listing ID# and the nature of the issue).  Deal4it will investigate the dispute and communicate with the Buyer and Seller as to our recommendations for resolution per the guidelines of our Terms and Conditions.

The seller will send you instructions on making payment and will request your FFL holder address for shipping. Typically you will be required to prepay using a money order, credit cards, personal checks, etc. as provided in the Seller’s description or in the communications you’ve had with the Seller prior to bidding or purchasing. On-line payment portals such as PayPal prohibit their use for purchasing firearms and ammunition and other accessories, so make sure that you understand and follow the seller's payment instructions carefully to avoid any delays in receiving your purchase.

When sending payment, always include your name, address, phone number, the item number of the auction you won, the name of our site (, and your email address. Many problems are the result of the buyer sending a payment with no other information!

If your item is a firearm, you will need to get a copy of your transfer dealer's FFL license, signed by the dealer in blue or red ink, and enclose that with payment. You may need to send proof of age for other purchases; again please follow the seller's instructions carefully.

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