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Deal4it.com is a new and exciting Pawn Shopping Adventure (TM).  All of our sellers are a network of pre-qualified, licensed Pawn Brokers with real addresses where they conduct daily business.  This means they have a real identity and are committed to customer satisfaction and quality service.  Deal4it.com provides these respected local merchants a place to offer their inventory of unique and valuable merchandise through our innovative auction website.  Now you can shop for great deals and unique products from the comfort of your home without driving from store to store to find what you're looking for.  Because of the nature of the pawn shop outlet, you never know what treasurers you might find on our site and there are always new items every day.  Take some time to browse around and I'll bet you'll find something you can't wait to own!  

And... don't forget to stop by every morning and check out our "deal of the day"!  You never know what we might have.

Along with standard Auctions, Buy-It-Now listings and Classified listings, Deal4it.com offers a new type of on-line buying experience.  Many of the listings you see will allow you to make an offer and negotiate with one of our video-spokespersons for a better deal just like you were in the pawn shop.  They will help you make a deal with the seller anytime, day or night.  That means you can negotiate a really great deal and purchase that item right now, without waiting for an email reply from the seller to find out if they will accept your offer.  Give it a try... it's fun and you just might get the bargain of a lifetime!

If you can't find exactly what your looking for on Deal4it.com, make sure to check out our Request feature.  When you fill out the request form describing what you're looking for, every one of our professional pawn brokers will search their in-store inventory to see if they have it.  If they do, they will list it on Deal4it.com and you will receive an email response letting you know that it is there and to take a look.  If you like it and you want it, then all that's left to do is purchase it.  Deal4it is like having a personal pawn store shopper connected to hundreds retailers all over the country and beyond.


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Deal4It.com is an online pawn shop offering great deals on thousands of items. Negotiate pricing through auction bidding, review classified ads or "buy it now."
With thousands of quality items to choose from, you can find the best deals at Deal4It.com, A Pawn Shopping Adventure.